In an ever-evolving global landscape marked by geopolitical shifts, technological advancements, and asymmetric challenges, National security is the paramount concern of any sovereign nation. These shifts encompass not only traditional military defence but also a wide array of dimensions, including cyber security, economic stability, environmental sustainability, and social cohesion. As, we navigate an era defined by rapid technological advancements, global interconnectivity, and emerging threats that transcend traditional boundaries, the need a unified and adaptive security infrastructure has never been more pressing.

At PertSol, we deeply recognize the paramount significance of national security. To detect and effectively counter threats to our nation's security, PertSol introduces its comprehensive solution, “Centralized Monitoring & Analytics Solution." This system has been meticulously designed to assist government entities, law enforcement agencies, and other national security organizations. Our Centralized Monitoring & Analytics Solution offers an array of critical features, including a Target Based Lawful Interception System, Mass Metadata Interception & Analysis, a Location Intelligence Platform, DPI-Based Inline Traffic Management, and a Location-Based Mass Alert System. Together, these components empower security agencies to uncover patterns and identify individuals of interest, facilitating further investigations and actions, intercepting the target information of an illicit person, URL/IP based blocking of offensive websites or videos, retrieve more accurate location of the distress caller & also alerting masses in times of emergencies.

Centralized Monitoring & Analytics Solution

Solution Overview
Centralized Monitoring & Analytics Solution

CMC Use Cases

Criminal Investigations
Criminal Investigations

The solution serves as a vital tool for law enforcement agencies in the Investigation and prevention of criminal activities. It facilitates the collection of evidence, surveillance of communication patterns, and interception of communications pertinent to ongoing criminal investigations, such as drug trafficking, organized crime, terrorism, and financial fraud.

Counter Terrorism

The solution can aid in tracking and monitoring individuals associated with terrorist activities. By analysing location data, security agencies can identify patterns, connections, or suspicious behaviours, enabling proactive measures to prevent potential terrorist acts.

Subscriber Behaviour Analysis

The solution enables the analysis of subscriber behaviour by collecting and analysing metadata related to communication patterns, usage habits, and service preferences. This analysis helps telecom operators gain insights into customer needs, personalize services, develop targeted marketing campaigns, and improve customer retention.

Border Security and Immigration Control
Border Security
and Immigration Control

Our solution can be used to monitor & analyze border crossings and immigration-related communications, detect and intercept communications related to human trafficking or illegal immigration. This analysis will help the authorities in enhancing border surveillance and response capabilities.


Solution with Excellent Capabilities
Target Based Lawful Interception

By unifying the capabilities of lawful interception & real-time monitoring, this solution can monitor any suspected individual & provide insights related to complete communication details. This in turn support LEAs to gather required evidence for a lawful action against the individual before the damage is being done. The system supports both active & passive interception.

Mass Metadata Interception & Analytics

PertSol mass metadata interception & Analytics platform is designed to harness the power of metadata for comprehensive surveillance and threat detection. Our solution is a robust & scalable IPDR & XDR solution, capable to generate layer 2-7 IPDR records by passively tapping telecom/ internet POP/ Gateways & perform advances analytics to generate actionable intelligence.

Location Intelligence Platform

Our Centralized Location Based Services platform for detecting accurate and precise location of mobile users in real-time and, provides geo-spatial analytics. Our LBS platform comprises of various LBS modules (GMLC, SMLC, SAS, eSMLC, LMF).

DPI Based Inline Traffic Management

Our DPI-Based Inline Traffic Management ensures countrywide URL/IP blocking, content filtering, social media content blocking, and more. Safeguarding networks from potential threats and ensuring secure and controlled online experiences.

Location Based Mass Alert System

Our unified location-based mass alert system disseminates vital information & alerts during emergencies to masses in real-time through multiple communication channels such as SMS, SMS-CB, voice call, TV/ Radio, social media, siren, VMS & more.


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